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A crack formation of barbaric, cold-blooded fighters.  Brainwashed, emotionless marauders.  Incapable of disobeying orders.  Responsible for taxation, repression and law enforcement on Airlandia.  The evil empire is controlled by the ruthless Emperor Aerozar and his 4 Barons who are the Lords of the Winds.

Emperor Aerozar
*The cruel and evil dictator of Airlandia.  He is master of the Lords of the Winds, and has several Air Refineries which help enslave the air strucken planet. 


*The evil and cunning daughter of Emperor Aerozar.  She stops at nothing to get what she wants.


Lt. Ratt
*Lieutenant Ratt, a ruthless master of brutality, leads the evil Enforcers


*The Lords of the Winds are part of an ancient lineage of royal monarchs, risiding in thier towering majestic halls on the four compass points of Airlandia.  Previously known for their benevolence and kindess, these affluent kings have been corrupted by the iron will of the evil Emperor Aerozar.  Chosen as representatives for the people of Airlandia, they've become oppresive rulers, intent on possesing great wealth and power.


Baron Sunder, the Lord of the Northern Winds
*To the north lies the towering granite and marble castle where Baron Sunder, the Lord of the Northern Winds resides.  He reigns over the barren, frostbritten northern wastelands with ruthless determination.  He's an iron-willed ruler with implacable strength and an unforgiving manner.   Sunder is as charming as he is crafty and owes allegiance to no one.  His banner colors are frozen white on ice blue.

Baron Jolt, the Lord of the Eastern Winds
*Baron Jolt, the Lord of the Eastern Winds, lives on the far side of the desert regions.  His castle's elegant Eastern appearance contrasts sharply with the ugly sinister events that transpire behind it's mighty walls.  Jolt is willing to do anything to obtain more power and is constantly undermining the Emperor's authority.  The Emperor, wary of Baron Jolt's deceptive ploys, keeps a watchful eye over all his activities.  Jolt's banner is the gold of the rising sun, corresponding to his own dazzling intellect.

Baron Modrex, the Lord of the Western Winds
*Beyond the Zephyr Mountains, the treacherous Baron Modrex, the Lord of the Western Winds, continually plots to overthrow the evil Emperor.  He exudes the charisma of a perfect gentleman and sweeps ladies off their feet with his courtly charm.  Emperor Aerozar isn't fooled by the Baron's trustworthy appearance.  He knows that Modrex would like nothing better than to crush him and seize control over all Airlandia.  Baron Modrex's banner is blood red on a field of black.

Baron Ee-lon, the Lord of the Southern Winds
*Baron Ee-lon is the Lord of the Southern Winds.  Totally absorbed in himself, he is only concerned with satisfying his own excessive needs.  Ee-lon loves to give extravagant parties where guests dine on lavish buffets.  The Baron has a particular fondness for things of the soil and promotes planting illegal and unregulated air-producing forests.  This weakens Aerozar's control over Airlandia and infuriates the Emperor.  Ee-lon's banner is purple and the green of growing things.